Is a new day dawning or am I putting this one to rest?

We all see things differently.  At times, I see a new day dawning with so much to look forward to.  Today I looked forward to getting up in the morning, having no real plans except to enjoy a cup of hot tea and have a two day old sticky bun, that was no longer sticky.  I would have enjoyed the sticky bun more two days earlier but none the less, it tasted good.  Today, I took some time to get ready to go to the Napa Valley Business Expo tomarrow.  I’m looking for businesses that are interested in my Gorgeous Grape Girls kitchen towels, cutting boards, commuter mugs and tote-bags.  I will go there with the openness of meeting the right person and/or opportunity to further me along in my passion.  More to  follow………..  Blissings (not a typo), GrapeGirl60


About grapegirl60

I'm in my sensational sixties, and am maturing in the pattern of youthfulness. I have a love for life and all that entails. I want to live in an environment with positive people and LIVE LIFE LOUDLY!!!! I'm taking a leap of faith and know I'll grow wings that will allow me to go places and do things I didn't think were possible. I have alot to say and I'm gonna say it, with kindness. Our chats will be fun and engaging. Part of what I want to do is to give others the opportunty to speak up in a positive, playful manner. We can all come out and play with our own fun spirits. Come along with me and we'll all enjoy the ride!
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